Public Bodies and Administrative Law

Studio Righini assist companies and private individuals in liaising with public authorities including the management of public bodies and / or companies owned by the state or local authorities as well as to Public Administrators and Managers.

The professionals of the department are in charge:
  • Advice and assistance to Public Managers and Finance Officers for drawing up of forecast-type budgets, financial reporting, administrative organization and strategic support on matters of awarding of public services and tax collection;
  • auditing of Local Authorities, Investee Companies and Public Health Companies;
  • assumption of appointments entrusted by Judicial Authorities regarding Public Corporations and investee companies.
Reference partner Alberto Mion
  • management of all aspects, extrajudicial and judicial, concerning administrative and public matters, representing the Client at every stage and level of litigation before all administrative and judicial authorities, including regulatory bodies and in arbitration;
  • assistance in procedures for the award and conclusion of public contracts;
  • interpretation and observance of national and local law and  analysis and verification of regulations, procedures, permits, instances and enforcement issues, market regulation and the activities of independent administrative authorities.
Reference partner Daniele Giacomazzi

The consulting service is complete because it counts on the interdisciplinary contribution not only of the professionals of the department itself but also of that of the other departments of the Firm for the realization of corporate transactions, due diligence and corporate activities regarding the regularity of concessions, authorizations and permits.
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